Wedding Menus

The meaning of the word Alabama is “here we rest”. Located on the sparkling waters of Mobile Bay, the Grand Hotel has provided a place to rest and so much more for all guests that have crossed its threshold since 1847.

The Wedding Management, Culinary and Beverage Teams are pleased to introduce you to the Grand Hotel banquet menus. Throughout all of our menus and our sumptuous creations, we incorporate Alabama and the Gulf Coast’s abundance of locally produced honey, cheeses, vegetables and seafood.

As you explore, you will begin to envision how your wedding can be elegant and memorable for your attendees while trusting in the Grand Hotel’s Catering and Event professionals to create an unforgettable experience, provide exceptional service and prepare amazing culinary delights.

Customize – Our wedding menus were developed to allow you to customize your menus to best suit the needs of your guests. You have the freedom to select and create your own unique menu.